Distortion Of The Way - Statement - Framed A3 Print

Christianity, Distortion Of The Way – Statement – Framed A3 Print


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The true name of our faith is The Way (Acts 24:14), however, through Roman and Greek tradition and translation the name of Christianity is being held up, along with the teachings of Christianity, its openness to paganism, and the re-establishment of earthly spiritual authority. It is true to say that the religion many follow today has taken a subtle but dangerous twist away from the truth of the scriptures. Moreover, the teachings of many ministers build on Christian tradition, only giving lip-service to the true cornerstone, and thus widening the gap between Yah’s Word of Truth and the contemporary church.

An examination of history will reveal that Christianity has been adopted in many forms by many different nations and empires, all of whom have used it as a tool of control and as the apparent moral engine to support their growth. Habakkuk 2:4 talks of the desires of the Babylonians, a kingdom spoken of in several instances in Revelation, referring to them as not being upright, but twisted with greed and bent on destruction. The simple fact is, when Christianity is used to support the kingdoms of the earth, it becomes twisted to those Kingdoms desires. It is only by separating yourself mentally from the drivers of the kingdoms of the earth, that you see what a distortion Christianity has become.

Bamboo fine art prints

Bamboo is a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly white paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, resulting in warm-tones without optical brighteners.

The paper is acid and Lignin-free, which meets the requirements of an age resistant paper and is printed on pre-cut sheets using an inkjet, 12 colour Giclée print process, providing in-depth reproduction of colours and fine details.

  • 290 gsm, 90% bamboo fibres, 10% cotton.
  • Natural white, without optical brighteners.
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Wooden frame details

  • 25mm smooth matt black frame.
  • 2mm glass with an MDF backing board.
  • Frame manufactured from high quality solid wood.
  • Sized perfectly for A3.
  • Frame comes complete with hanging fixings.

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